Fifty New Homes Sold in Glen Innes!

Posted by on 17 November 2015

It has been an exciting 12 months in the Creating Communities offices as we have made real progress on the designs and consents, to ramp up the delivery of new homes in Glen Innes. We have built and sold 50 homes to date, and have a further 120 homes under construction. If the local pie shop is starting to look busy at lunchtime, that’s because we have more than 300 tradesmen on the go at any one time!

Our biggest development site is Project 31, the site bounded by Torrington Crescent, comprising 12,000sqm of land. Currently we have significant engineering works occurring on the site as we engineer and raise the low spots with clay fill. This site is being developed into 39 houses, comprising private, affordable and HNZ houses in a mix of stand-alone, duplex and terraced designs. A new road will divide the current old block into two new blocks, providing improved access to the new houses. The civil works will be completed this summer, with building works now progressing on the first eight houses, and building construction continuing over the next 15 months
The majority of the new homes are being built in the Castledine Crescent, Melling Street and Torrington Crescent. To get an idea of the quantum of the change, in two years’ time, 70% of the houses in these three streets will be brand new. The scale of the development combined with it occurring over multiple sites, mean our development sites share a boundary with 212 individual neighbours. The nature of our business is that it is disruptive, and this newsletter is a good opportunity to express our gratitude for the tolerance and cooperation of local residents during this intense period of construction in their neighbourhoods.

Another exciting milestone for us has been the completion of our first homes by GJ Gardner on Silverton Ave, in Wai o Taiki Bay. David Reid Homes have also started two homes for us in Wai o Taiki Bay at the intersection of Inglewood Street and Fernwood Place. Our thinking in the beginning with these smaller projects is to get some examples built in the community, which we can invite neighbours through, and use as a showcase for what we are proposing. It is also an opportunity to get feedback from neighbours, which we can incorporate into future designs.
In the next few months we have 15 houses coming up for sale.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Creating Communities or our agents Barfoot and Thompson. If you would like more information contact Sam Bowen on 027 524 0123 or