Matakana Coasteering / Kayaking Adventure

Posted by on 1 January 2015

In our second annual Christmas adventure the Arcus Property and Creating Communities teams headed for Tawharanui beach and the start of the adventure. At high tide we coasteered around to Omaha beach, enjoying wading and rock hopping in warm sunny conditions.

After refreshments at Murdoch’s brother’s beachhouse – there were some suggestions that the adventure should finish here – we set off in kayaks for Goat Island. Unfortunately Murdoch’s new surf ski got the better of him and he had to stand down this section and join Graeme and Bruce in the support vehicles.

Given a rising wind a decision was made to paddle to Leigh Harbour instead and from here we undertook a brief shuttle to Goat Island, where we put on wetsuits and began the legendary clockwise circumnavigation of the island. Conditions were much better than our previous attempt earlier in the year with the Arrow International senior executive, where we had to bale out after Lale performed an impromptu summersault onto a rock ledge and Ian got caught in a much bigger whirlpool than Ben managed later on this trip.

Big ups to Elliot who despite looking petrified for most of the adventure bravely hurled herself off rock ledges into the sea. It was touch and go with Ben at one stage who got caught by a large swell and ended up being dragged underwater by a small whirlpool. Thanks also to Bruce and Graeme for their support crew efforts!

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