Glen Innes Redevelopment Project Update

Posted by on 22 June 2015

Construction activity is increasing on the Northern Glen Innes
Redevelopment (NGIR) project as Creating Communities continues to build
quality homes to meet the ever-increasing demand in the area.

A total of 38 houses are currently in construction in the Glen Innes area.
Earthworks are progressing for a further 76 house sites. A construction work
force of more than 120 is transforming the area and new housing developments
are appealing to purchasers from outside Glen Innes. Opportunities for local
tradespeople and businesses are bringing a bustle and vigour to the Glen Innes

In the Central GI area between Line Rd and Apirana Ave, Creating Communities is
redeveloping 111 of the 304 titles which existed in 2011. Upon completion of
the development it is expected there will be 220 new homes in this area,
meaning that more than half of the houses will be brand new. Some of the more
dilapidated houses on these streets have been replaced by some of the best.

Earthworks, drainage and retaining walls have been completed by civil
engineering contractor, Gideons, on most of the current sites so as to prepare
the way for the building-works contractors. Further civil engineering works
will progress over coming months on sites on Torrington Crescent. Bulk
earthworks have been progressed on the large site in Torrington Crescent, which
the largest development site in the NGIR project, with an area of about 1.0
hectare. Some minor earthworks, drainage and retaining walls will progress on
this site over coming months to allow the first stage of building works to
commence around August. The remaining bulk earthworks, and other civil
engineering works on this site will be completed next summer.

Most of the sites being developed have significant cross-falls, and one of our
most expensive costs is in the retaining and excavation to form attractive
building platforms. Another expense is upgrading the underground infrastructure
from what was acceptable in the 1940’s, to what is required today. This
upgraded infrastructure includes devices to recharge groundwater systems and
reduce peak storm-water flows into the local stream network.

Building works are currently under way on 10 sites comprising 38 houses across
the Castledine / Melling / Torrington vicinity. Reputable housing contractors
are engaged on these houses and these include GJ Gardners, Jennian Homes and
Universal Homes.

Over the coming months building will commence on further sites in the area, and
it is expected that at least 50 houses will be under construction at any one
time. A total of about 220 new houses are to be constructed in the area of Glen
Innes bounded by Apirana Ave, Castledine Crescent, Line Road & West Tamaki
Road, as part of the NGIR project.

The NGIR project is a mixed-tenure development, which means it is a mix of
private, social and affordable housing. Houses are generally stand-alone homes
of 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, on properties ranging from 300m2 to 700m2. Some terraced
housing is being developed on higher intensity sites for both private and
social housing. A strong emphasis is placed on the architectural design of each
house, making it difficult to tell the difference between the different types
of house from the outside. Brick and weatherboard cladding systems provide
style as well as reliability and durability. Stud heights in living areas are
higher than the standard 2.4m in most cases (where price bracket allows), and
generous, double glazed windows provide high levels of natural light together
with warmth and quietness.