Puhoi Kayak Adventure

Posted by on 4 December 2015

To kick off the silly season the boss had us head to beach and jump in the kayaks! After the obligatory roadie we arrived at Orewa, geared up and took to the water. It was the perfect day for a paddle, cloudy but warm.

We stopped along the way for a few ‘challenges’. These included almost breaking a leg on the beach playing leap frog, swimming against the tide whilst killing your feet on the rocks and perhaps we shouldn’t crack our heads open rope swing. Luckily we arrived at our destination in one piece so we cleaned up and headed to the Puhoi Pub for a much earned meal and of course, a cold beer.

Some memorable moments from the trip:

- Kate not realising she initially had her lifejacket backwards
- James’s creepy moustache
- Murdoch having some ‘technical’ issues with his kayak and having to turn back!
- Franswa trying not to get too competitive when the schoolkids wanted to race up the river
- Dreydon quietly regretting opting to be sober driver home...